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IDF Medical Staff Receives New Equipment
16 January 2009 , 13:56
Combat medics with their new equipment
Combat medics with their new equipment. Photo: Medical Corps
Sapphire Itskovich 

“The Medical Corps Staff has recently acquired more modern medical equipment and it was supplied to IDF doctors and medics for the first time as the fighting in Gaza began,” explained Chief Medical Officer Brig Gen. Dr. Nachman Esh, to the IDF Website.  Referring to the lessons from the Second Lebanon War, Brig. Gen Esh remarked, "Since the war, we have learned many lessons in regards to medicine.  We can say that, in the present operation, there is no lack of medical equipment. On the contrary, every medic has a full supply of new and sufficient medical equipment."

Among other things, over the past few years, the Medical Corps has worked to renew and complete all the medical equipment and the results can already be seen in the field. Among the resources at the medical staff's disposal in the field are tourniquets. The Medical Corps and the Equipment Center understands the importance of ensuring access to the equipment that saves lives, and have thus decided to provide the medical staff that is participating in this campaign with a new type of tourniquet:  CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet). The advanced tourniquet is easy to apply and can be applied with the use of only one hand.     

Among the new equipment, there are also hemostatic bandages that are used to help with blood clotting in the area of the hemorrhage and thus assist in saving lives in the battlefield. "Those bandages contain components to accelerate the flow of blood and it is placed on the wound as a supplement for the tourniquet. They can help save lives by stopping blood hemorrhages that can't be stopped by other means" explained the head of the Trauma Branch, Lt. Col. Dr Gil Hirsharon.

Bag for a medic

The medics are presented with improved equipment

New equipment that is delivered for use in Gaza is packaged in a bag that will be durable in the field. The bag contains conventional medicine that allows for soldiers to stay alive in the field for prolonged periods of time. It is comfortable and designed specifically for the ground forces. An outstanding example of the specifically adjustable equipment are the elastic socks issued specifically to the Armored Corps soldiers that complete tasks that require standing up for long periods of time inside of a tank. The special socks assist in the treatment of edema in the foot.

The cold weather that is present in Gaza during this operation can aggravate a wound and endanger the lives of soldiers further.  The Medical Corps keeps this in mind, as it supplies thermal blankets for soldiers.  "When treating a wound, it is necessary to expose the wound and it's known that cold can impede this process.Ttherefore we bought out the entire stock of thermal blankets in Israel and had to buy additional ones from abroad" recounts the Chief Medical Officer.

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